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Jaw pain is not only a nuisance but can affect your ability to chew properly, sleep soundly and speak without discomfort. It could also lead to bigger health problems. If you’re dealing with jaw pain, you should handle it right away by visiting your dentist to confirm the cause. There’s no harm however in doing your research before your visit to understand what the potential causes may be. Relieve some stress on your way to the dentist by pinpointing the pain, the area, and what potential causes for the pain so you’re well prepared.

Here are some of the most popular reasons behind jaw pain and what dentists advise to treat them:

Dental Problems Requiring Treatment

Sensitive teeth can be a significant factor in the cause of jaw pain as they are constantly irritated by pressure, temperature changes, and food consumption. However, sensitive teeth can result from a cavity or gum infection that can also lead to toothache. If left untreated, it can worsen into unbearable pain.

TMD Joint Pain

TMD will affect your hinge joints on either or both sides of your jaw, causing pain. TMD is a disorder that can be caused by either a physical injury to the jaw, arthritis, stress, or excessive use of the jaw. It will lead to headaches, muscle spasms and possibly clicking noises when you open your mouth. Handling TMD right away with Ibuprofen can help, but may require treatment with a night guard for your mouth while sleeping.

You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Not everyone has wisdom teeth, which are an extra set of molars that crowd into your mouth in your late teens. Sometimes they cause jaw pain and your dentist will schedule an X-ray to confirm this.  If they are the problem they can be removed.

It May Is Your Overbite Or Underbite

An overbite is when your upper teeth overlap with your bottom teeth and an underbite is when the bottom teeth overlap on the top. Both cases result in an uneven set of teeth that can lead to grinding and strain on your jaw. The dentist usually recommends orthodontics to even out your teeth and stop the strain on your jaw joints.

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