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Dental emergencies can occur when you least expect them. One sudden fall and you may find yourself with a chipped tooth, bleeding gums, or gum infection. If you have children, you may have experienced this at least once, or need to be prepared for such occurrences. Oral emergencies need urgent care. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you must call your dental clinic for emergency aid at once.

When do you know you have a dental emergency? What treatments should you be prepared for? What should you do before you rush to the dentist? Our reputed dentists at Westney North Dental Clinic can provide you with some guidance:

Missing tooth

A missing tooth from a fall can be extremely painful. If the bleeding is excessive, apply a cold compress at once. If you have the opportunity, make sure to look for the dislodged tooth and handle it with care. Try not to touch the bottom end of the tooth and hold it by the crown. Then, rinse the tooth well and place it in a cup of milk or your saliva. Alternatively, you can carefully wrap the tooth in a clean, moist cloth gauze before you rush off to the dentist. If the tooth is in good condition, your dentist will have a better chance of re-implanting successfully. Only permanent teeth can be re-implanted and this is time sensitive (20-30 minutes after the tooth has been avulsed ).

Unaligned tooth

If your tooth is knocked out of position, don’t try to force it back. Gently push it into position and bite down until you receive your emergency dental care.

Chipped tooth

A painless, chipped tooth does not necessarily need emergency care. To prevent further damage, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible. Try not to chew food with the tooth in the interim. Rinse the tooth with warm water and take ibuprofen if the damage extends to the deeper parts of your tooth. Intense pain may be a sign of a fracture. It is important to seek medical emergency treatment right away before it worsens.

Broken braces

If your braces or wires snap, the sharp edges can cut your gums and cause bleeding. You may find it difficult to speak, drink fluids or chew food. Never try to fix the wires or braces yourself. Your dentist can fix the issue for you rather quickly.


Gum infections are painful. A local abscess can swiftly affect the corners of your mouth if left unattended. See your dentist as soon as you feel your gums swelling up or aching.

Object stuck in between teeth

If dental floss does not remove the object, do not poke between your teeth with any sharp objects. You risk cutting your gums or scratching a tooth. Rather, see your dentist if the object does not loosen with floss.

Westney North Dental Clinic, Ajax for Dental Emergencies

Many issues such as gum infections and emergency attendance from broken braces or tooth decay can be avoided if you schedule regular checkups. This way, your dentist can prevent problems or restore them quickly.

At Westney North Dental Clinic in Ajax, we provide comprehensive services while considering the unique needs of our patients. We take time to know your needs so that together you can make informed decisions in a relaxed setting that provides comfort and gentle care.

To prevent further complications, our dentists guide you on good oral habits so you can enjoy dental health for years to come. We attend to everyone of all ages, from the smallest children to teens, adults, and seniors. For your dental emergencies, you can reach our clinic at 908-683-4500.