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Westney North Dental Clinic offers same day emergency services.

Contact our clinic as soon as possible at 647-697-6400 and you will be seen the same day
We are open 6 days a week, including evenings, for your convenience
For severe emergencies after hours, please go to the nearest hospital
For a list of some common dental emergencies and what to do before coming to our office, see below.
Begin by cleaning around the sore tooth meticulously. Using warm salt water, rinse the mouth to displace any food trapped between teeth. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you use aspirin on the aching tooth or on the gum. In the event of facial swelling, apply a cold compress to the area. For temporary pain relief, acetaminophen is recommended. Call our office for an appointment as soon as possible.

In general, a toothache is not considered an emergency unless it is a severe toothache accompanied by swelling, fever, or some kind of discharge. A tooth that hurts when chewing or when drinking or eating cold or hot foods is most likely a cavity or tooth decay. Try rinsing your mouth out with warm water and you should call us as soon as you get a chance.

Toothaches from tooth decay can cause an abscess (infection) if it goes untreated for too long. What may have started out as a simple toothache can end up being a serious life-threatening infection. If the tooth becomes abscessed you will have severe pain, swelling, bad taste in your mouth, bad breath, and you may even get a fever and feel sick. If this goes untreated it can result in cellulitis, which is an infection in the skin that can become very serious as well. It can also spread to the bloodstream and cause sepsis, which is a life-threatening blood infection. Call Westney North Dental Clinic as your dental provider in Ajax immediately for treatment.
Ice can be applied to any bruised areas. For bleeding, apply firm (but gentle) pressure with sterile gauze or a clean cloth. If the bleeding does not stop with pressure or continues after 15 minutes, go to a hospital.
Rinse the area with warm water. Put a cold compress over the facial area of the injury. Recover any broken tooth fragments. Get immediate dental attention.

If your crown falls out, you can call us and set the same day appointment. If you cannot get an appointment right away and the tooth hurts, you can use dental cement, toothpaste, or denture adhesive to place the crown back on the tooth. It is important that you do not use any other kind of glue that could be poisonous and make you sick. Also, be sure not to use superglue because that can damage the tooth and the crown.

Recover the tooth, making sure to hold it by the crown (top) and not by the root end. Gently rinse, but do not clean or handle the tooth more than necessary. Reinsert the tooth in the socket and hold it in place using a clean piece of gauze or cloth. If the tooth cannot be reinserted, carry it in a cup containing milk or salt water. Because time is essential, see a dentist immediately.
In the event of a jaw injury, gently tie the mouth closed with a towel, tie or handkerchief. Go immediately to a hospital.
Fold a piece of gauze and place it (tightly) over the bleeding area. Bite down on the gauze for 15 minutes; if bleeding continues, see a Dentist.
Over-the-counter medications will usually provide temporary relief. If sores persist, call our office for an appointment.
No matter whether it is an emergency or not, you can call Westney North Dental Clinic in Ajax and make an appointment to see the dentist. We have the latest technology and accept all kinds of insurance and payment plans. Give us a call at 647-697-6400

Be Prepared For Anything
You never know when an accident is going to happen, but if you are prepared for what could happen it may help you save a smile. Maybe you think you will never lose or crack a tooth no matter what, but what if someone else does? You can help them to save their smile.

Westney North Dental Clinic has some tips on what to do when an accident happens:

– If a tooth falls out for any reason and it is a permanent tooth (not a baby tooth) you should make sure it does not become dry. If you cannot place the tooth back where it was without handling the roots, put it between your cheek and gums or even a glass of milk.

– If you crack your tooth, you should wash out your mouth with water and then place a cold pack on your face to keep it from swelling.

– For a bitten lip or tongue, you should clean it with water and place a cold pack on it.

– If you have a toothache you should rinse out your mouth with warm water and try using some dental floss to remove anything between the teeth. Call Westney North Dental Clinic and set an appointment.

– Have something stuck in your teeth? Try to loosen it with dental floss. Don’t use anything sharp like a toothpick because you could damage your gums. Rinse your mouth with water and if you cannot get it out, you should call us.

The best thing to do for an accident is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

With these simple tips you can prevent an injury before it happens:

– When you play sports or any other activity that may damage your teeth, use a sports mouth guard. You can get one from our clinic in Ajax.

– Do NOT chew on anything hard such as ice, popcorn kernels, and hard candy.

– Do NOT use your teeth to cut or open anything like packages, string, thread, etc.

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