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Dental problems are never fun to deal with, and it’s important to know when the problem is minor and when you’re dealing with an emergency so that you can seek the proper care. Not every situation will be considered a dental emergency, and in these cases, your problem can be treated at your next scheduled dentist appointment. Other dental problems, however, may require immediate attention, and the following are emergency circumstances that would require immediate care:

A Fractured Tooth

It is important that you see your dentist if you’ve fractured a tooth because they may be able to save it by inserting a filling or performing a root canal. If you don’t visit your dentist right away, bacteria may lodge in the crack, which will infect your tooth, and this is something you can prevent.

A Knocked-out Tooth

It’s also possible for your dentist to restore a knocked-out tooth but only if you act fast. It is recommended that you rinse the tooth under water and try to fit it back in place, and if you do this within ten minutes, it can take root again. If this is not a possibility, preserve your dislodged tooth in a cup of cold milk and bring it with you to your appointment. Try to see your dentist within the hour, as this will increase your chances of saving your tooth.

Persistent Toothache

If your toothache is not going away, it can be a sign of a cavity or a more serious issue like an abscessed tooth whose symptoms would include throbbing pain in the tooth, jaw or neck, swelling in the cheeks, fever or swollen lymph nodes. If you think you have an infection or are experiencing constant tooth pain, contact your dentist right away.

Bleeding Gums

Your gums should not bleed whenever you brush or floss, and if this is something that happens regularly, it may be a sign of gum disease or another serious health condition. In either case, the issue needs to be addressed, so you have to contact your dentist to discuss emergency dental care.

Losing a Filling or Crown

If a filling or crown falls out, you have to contact your dentist right away to have it replaced. These are needed to protect the vulnerable parts of your teeth, and if they are missing, your tooth can become damaged or infected, so you have to call your dentist immediately.

All of these situations would require emergency dental care, and Westney North Dental can provide you with the treatment you need. We will eliminate your pain and will restore your beautiful smile, so contact us today to schedule an appointment!