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Dental implants are an incredible asset in dentistry, able to restore patient smiles, and proper dental functions. They can do everything from correcting crooked teeth to replacing multiple missing ones. However, it is a long process requiring many steps in order to install safely and effectively.

If you do choose to go through with new implants, the first step begins with a comprehensive dental inspection. During this, the dentist will inspect the condition of your teeth, mouth, and jaw; this is needed so that they can determine the implant’s type and placement. This exam also helps with discovering issues like a bone loss that could delay the implants or result in alternatives to implants.

Once the exam is finished and everything checks out ok, the dentist will use digital technologies to determine the best location for your future implants on your jaw. Often, a tool called a surgical guide is created; this is a plastic template placed over the jaw, which precisely pinpoints the locations for drilling during implant surgery.

Upon implant installation, sometimes, the implant may be covered over by gum tissue to protect it while integrating with the bone. Additionally, sometimes a visible crown may also be installed so the patient has a full smile; this is temporary and will eventually be replaced by a more durable and permanent version later.

Over time, the implant’s titanium will attract bone cell growth, which then builds on the implant’s surface. This increase in bone contact helps secure the implant to the jaw properly and gives it increased durability.

Finally, after the implant’s integration is finished a permanent crown is installed. This will finally give you the full smile and complete use of your mouth you’ve been waiting for.

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