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Frankly, when it comes to dental issues, everything feels like an emergency. Dental problems can be frightening for anyone. This is the reason why the term ‘odontophobia and ‘dentophobia’ were coined in the first place. Generally, people procrastinate dental visits until a problem is so dire that it cannot be solved with over-the-counter medicine and will require a procedure. Whatever may be the reason, very few of us visit the dentists for problems such as bad breath, issues chewing, etc. Having said that, there are some dental emergencies that call for prompt attention from your dentist. Here are a few signs you should rush to your emergency dentist right away.

A toothache

One of the most common and underrated dental problems is a toothache. A toothache is the result of some possible underlying issue that may be serious. Your teeth are indicating that there is an issue. It could be anything from infected gums to a decayed tooth or a crown that may have come out. But whatever the cause, it is advised to seek attention urgently, especially if a toothache is severe and is hampering your productivity. The sooner you visit, the more likely a dentist will be able to solve your problem quickly.

Losing a filling or a crown

A crown or filling may fall out over a period of time due to normal wear and tear. However, this issue may have long-term repercussions and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you have lost a crown or filling, it may be a sign of another cavity that may have formed in the tooth. This has to be promptly examined by an emergency dental clinic. Even if there is no cavity, remember that without a filling or crown, your teeth are prone to be extremely sensitive and could begin deteriorating. If you are at home and suspect that your crown or filling may have come off, rinse your mouth with warm water and fill the cavity with a sterilized piece of gauze. Go to an emergency dental clinic near you as soon as you can.

Broken or chipped tooth

A broken or chipped tooth is a definite reason to visit a dentist immediately. Make sure to save the broken or chipped part of the tooth and take it with you. Your emergency dentist will be able to decide if your tooth can be saved or if a dental bridge and implants are the only options.

Knocked out a Tooth

This one is a no-brainer; if you knocked out your tooth completely, you need to save the tooth. Make sure to put it in a sealed container filled with milk or salt water and bring it to your emergency dentist within an hour.

Broken Jaw

Though it may not be directly related to your teeth, a broken jaw can have devastating effects on your eating and breathing, and can cause serious complications that may need reconstructive surgery. After having been treated at a hospital, a broken jaw should be immediately brought to notice at your dental appointment.

Oral health has a significant impact on many aspects of your life and dental emergencies can occur anytime. Make sure to be aware of them and rush to your emergency dentist to prevent severe and long-lasting implications.

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